The Pleasure of Teaching

Last week I received a phone call from a previous student that I had taught 4 years ago in high school. He told me he and his brother planned on opening a fried chicken shop and he was wondering if I could customize a fried chicken class for him. When he told me his name on the phone, I immediately had his face in my head. This was unusual for me, as I taught more than 300 students each year. But for some reason I remembered him immediately. His bubbly personality has not changed and he has become more mature. He can easily hold the conversation and was as fun to cook with as I remember. We started by making Cajun spice mix and soaking chicken pieces in a buttermilk substitute, then double coating them before deep frying. We were all happy about the end product, a crunchy crust, tender and juicy fried chicken with a hot spice kick. I am so glad he grew up as a fine young man, still has passion in the food industry, and is working hard to making his dreams come true. He makes his teacher proud!

#friedchicken #Taipeicookingclass

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