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A couple from Tokyo took a market tour and cooking course a few days ago. The wife visited Taiwan in 2016 and came back with her husband this time. They tasted and enjoyed some in-season ingredients like green mango and mulberry from the market. They also found it interesting to see how pork floss was made. After the tour, they told us that they loved the unique humanistic and vibrant sounds from the traditional market and had a deeper understanding of the local ingredients and people's daily life here. She runs a cafe in Tokyo with her business partner. They offer delicious and healthy dishes with multi-national flavors on their menu. She said she will add rice parcels and Taiwan meatball soup to her menu. The two dishes are more complicated, but they cooked harmoniously together and finished those dishes nicely and with patience. We are looking forward to seeing Taiwanese cuisine on their menu soon and have faith that their customers will love Taiwanese flavors just like they do.

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