Sincere Japanese friendliness and culture

We always get very excited when we have previous students come back to visit us again. This kind and friendly Japanese lady attended our cooking class just a short while ago. We were very surprised that she visited us again so soon. She said she really loved her time and experience from the last trip here, so she just couldn't wait to come back for more. Like last time, she specially prepared a beautiful gift for us, a Japanese Matcha tea set and some delicious refreshments to go with it. We sat down and enjoyed watching her demonstration of a Matcha ceremony before the course started. We really admired the beauty and finesse of Japanese culture, the way they take things to the next level and put soul into it. The time with her is always pleasant. Just a few days after she returned home, she sent us some photos of the dishes she duplicated at home. We are glad to see how well she made those dishes and her family also enjoyed the flavors. We already look forward to the next time she visits us.


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