He returned from Poland!

Another previous student who once again participated in our cooking class, this time he brought his sister and her partner to visit Taiwan. Because it was his second visit, he took them on a trip around the island. They even visited neighboring Hong Kong. For this course, he chose a more complicated feature menu. It contains Taiwanese pork balls which have an 'al dente' texture and the famous soup dumplings. With their talent of cooking and concentration, they quickly got started and grasped the key skills nicely. During the tasting time, we asked what adjustments would be made when they made these two dishes for family and friends. They said that compared to the taste of the Poles, Taiwanese cuisine is lighter while the Polish seasoning is heavier. So they will add some more spices and seasonings to suit their tastes in future. The interesting thing about food is that different countries and regions have different food cultures. Through food we can communicate with each other and find similarities and differences. The class time with them was wonderful and we truly thank them for coming a long way to visit us. We hope we will meet again in near future.


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