Passion for Food and Teaching

Today we received a professional student from the United States. She is a chef, teaching commercial cookery at a university. This trip for her was not just for leisure, she also seized the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming new Asian Cuisine course at her university. Before she came to Taiwan she told us that apart from learning Taiwanese dishes, she was also interested in Taiwan's history and food culture.

In addition to the cooking class, we also visited a night market and traditional market. From traditional breakfast, night market snacks, to mooncakes, we were glad to see her tasting and enjoying the local food here. In the class we made a variety of dishes, including scallion pancake, braised pork rice, shrimp dumplings and Taiwanese hamburgers. As we have the same professional background, the time we spent together was very enjoyable. We thank her for the great time and introducing Taiwanese cuisine to her students. All the best to her with the new course.


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