Finding your inner peace

A Canadian foodie joined our class a while ago.

Due to his Asian heritage, having lived in Asia, and familiarity with Asian cuisine, he is quite skilled at cooking Asian food.

When he signed up for the class, he sent us a tailor-made request for his class menu. He wanted to know the difference between steamed bun dough and boiled dumpling dough. Also, he wanted to know how to make different types of stuffing and learning different dumpling folding techniques.

In the class, we taught him how to make the two types of dough, three flavors of filling and four folding techniques.

During the class he said he was more into an exciting life style, loved living in foreign countries, undertaking challenging work and being very competitive when he was younger. Nowadays he prefers a tranquil life, so much so that has changed his job and runs a tea house business back in his country. He feels content through teaism and it fulfils his innermost being.

What a wonderful thing when you really grow with time, get acquainted with yourself, find the arts you love and have it in your life.

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