Set the goal and go for it

When we received the booking from this lovely lady from Japan, she told us that she was a bit nervous about taking a cooking class in English, but she still wanted to do it as she knew that she had to practice her English.

Her goal was to improve her foreign language skills so she would be able to volunteer for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. As a part of society, she wanted to contribute her time to help at the Games for her nation and also to give a warm Japanese welcome to the players from all around the world.

She ordered a class menu which included dumplings, tofu noodles salad and hot & sour soup. The reason for her dish choice was that her daughters both like dumplings and she would like to make it with them and share her Taiwan trip with them.

Just a short while after the class, we received a picture from her…. They were making dumplings during that weekend and they enjoyed the time and the food flavors.

We really admire her for setting up her goal and achieving it bravely. Also we really thank her for giving us the beautiful chopsticks sets which have traditional Japanese totems on them.

#japanese #cookingclassTaipei #dumplingclass

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