STAY restaurant team member reunion

Today's class is an old team member reunion. I met this lovely girl 7 years ago when I just returned to Taiwan. Back at that time we both worked for a fine dining French restaurant. She was a fresh graduate newcomer and her bubbly personality shined through quickly. She was loved by every work member. Since I started my cooking class in 2015, she wanted to do the class with me and finally we did it today. This is the first time we have caught up in 6 years and I am glad we still bonded and spent most of the class time in idle chitchat. She cooks often and is very talented with this art, I saw lots of nice dish pics form her IG. I am still wondering after all those meals how her fiancé can still keep in shape? She ordered the Taiwanese pork meat balls, and an uncommon dish we’d make at home, the soybean milk pudding. She also chose pineapple bun and brown sugar tapioca balls for the class.

Postscript: her father loved the meat balls we made in class and asked her to make more, the poor girl spent all evening and made hundreds of meat balls. Thanks to her for sharing her pics.

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