A Happy Reunion with Our Good Friend

We were so excited when we received an email from our former Thai student to inform us that she would be visiting Taiwan once again and wanted to participate in more cooking classes. Our last meeting had been nearly half a year ago. Last time we were very happy to meet her for the first time, but this time it felt like being reunited with an old friend. We stayed in constant contact since our last meeting and she shared lots of cooking pictures and information with us that she picked up through her travel to different countries. We love receiving all these interesting bits of knowledge. She was so generous and kind that she brought us two bags of goodies from Thailand. In total she took 8 days of cooking classes with us. Many of the dishes she requested were specialty items not noted on our normal menu offering, but we were happy to research and provide the special menu for her. She already has a very well developed knowledge about Taiwanese cuisine and we were happy to contribute even more to her knowledge base. We love her cheerful and friendly personality. We also admire her well-developed cooking skills and general food knowledge. She said that the more you learn about cooking the more there is to learn…..She went to the bookstore every day at the end of the course to buy the relevant recipe books related to that day’s class. Since returning home to Thailand she has shared many photos with us showing how she has practiced and improved on the recipes and dishes we taught her in class. Her focus on and love of food also encourages those around her to take up and improve their own cooking skills. We cannot wait to participate in her cooking class when we visit Thailand next to learn more about Thai cuisine and all it has to offer.

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