Full of Laughter Whiskey Time

From the moment they stepped into the door we loved this fun loving couple from Canada. They were generous to share a bottle of Japanese whiskey with us during class. Like us they like to enjoy a relaxing drink whilst cooking or preparing a meal for loved ones. We believe that when food is cooked in a happy and jovial atmosphere, this will translate into more delicious tasting meals. They shared some pictures with us of their travels in Taiwan. She was working in Kaohsiung and he came to Taiwan for two weeks to visit her and travel around the island together. They told us that they also wanted to visit Japan on this trip, but they found that Taiwan had so many interesting attractions and activities to offer that they were satisfied to spend all of their time here only. They commented on the friendly nature of the Taiwanese people and how they are always willing to provide assistance or help to visitors, regardless of the language barriers between them. We truly hope that they will visit us again in the future as they had plenty of places in Taiwan they were not able to visit in their two week time frame.

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