The Operator of Osaka Kitchen

September 13, 2017

Last week we were happy to host a very kind lady from Japan. She runs a cooking class in Osaka.

She kindly prepared Japanese green tea as a gift for us, so sweet and thoughtful.

This seven-day trip in Taiwan was her first visit to the island.

Fortunately, a typhoon turned away earlier in the day and did not affect her journey.

Except staying in Taipei, she also visited Tainan, the cultural capital of Taiwan.

She was amazed by the many Japanese restaurants in Taiwan.

She also found that Taiwan and Japan have lots of common favorite ingredients like kunbu,  rice wine and so on.

She chose our beef noodles soup, Lo mei and pickled cabbage menu.

We can see her enthusiasm for cookery as she is willing to try different ingredients and sauces.

We asked her which food in Taiwan she could not accept.

No surprise the answer was stinky tofu.

She told us that she prepared the Japanese Ramen course as a new menu in her cooking class, our Taiwanese beef noodle soup gave her some inspiration for it.

We wish her Osaka Kitchen all the best.

If you plan to visit Osaka and are also interested in Japanese cuisine, you are welcome to join her cooking course.











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