There is nothing better than learning about a local culture by tasting and experiencing their food. Even better is to experience this food culture by learning how to cook local cuisine yourself!

Founded by Chef Tu, GOTUCOOK provides a comfortable environment designed for everyone to learn how to prepare delicious recipes, regardless of their cooking skill.

We specialize in private classes (1-6 people per class) for a few friends to participate in. The classes are offered in English or Chinese. There is no barrier in terms of language or terminology, so that you can easily learn how to cook authentic cuisine, packed full of all the flavors and colors that are unique to Taiwan and make our cuisine so delicious.

We welcome you to join us in this joyful learning experience.

Book yourself and your family/friends in one of our private cooking classes now!

About Chef Tu

In 2006, Chef Tu entered one of the greatest dining and restaurant colleges, Le Cordon Bleu in Adelaide, Australia to develop his professional skills in the culinary field. In 2007, he transferred from LCB to TAFE SA, where he successfully completed his studies in hospitality management and commercial cookery certificate 3 and 4 in 2009. Whilst studying there Chef Tu received two honors awards. He was awarded the prize for ‘academic excellence 2009’and also the‘outstanding personal achievement award. He specializes in modern Western and Asian cuisine, and has been employed in various prestigious establishments in the culinary world. Amongst these are the Hilton Adelaide, Adelaide Citrus Restaurant and The Royal Motor Yacht Club of New South Wales to name but a few. Upon his return to Taiwan, in addition to launching the GOTUCOOK cooking class, Chef Tu also serves as a culinary teacher at various high schools with dedicated catering departments. He focuses on restaurant management and culinary education, teaching a new generation the necessary skills required to make it in the professional and international culinary world.

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