Foodies Party

This is our good friend from Thailand's third time visiting us.

As usual, she brought us many gifts from Thailand. It felt like Christmas. She even brought some Thai chili and basil seeds for my father to use on his vegetable farm. How very thoughtful of her!

We thought it would be fun to learn and cook Thai food together, so she prepared some fresh lemongrass, Thai lime, garlic, galangal and kaffir lime and leaves, for making us some Tom Yum Goong (spicy shrimp soup), Gaeng Keow Wan Kai (green chicken curry) and Yam Nua (spicy beef salad), all famous Thai dishes.

The two-day course was full of laughter. It went so fast, it felt like just a two hour class.

This time we made a few new dishes, such as siu mai, beef noodles soup, pepper meat pies, lo mei and rice parcels.

We greatly appreciate her warm friendship, surprising us and giving us such wonderful visits each time.

Also we are so glad to see that her siu mai course in Bangkok is popular with local students.

We sincerely thank her for the invitation and cannot wait to visit her and her team in Bangkok soon.


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