The ladies with navy blue dresses

Two beautiful ladies joined our Friday morning class.They are from two main cities in Japan, Tokyo and Osaka. Their personalities are just like the flowy navy blue dresses they both wore.....fresh like the summer breeze, very sweet-tempered and agreeable.

The menu they chose is from our a la carte menu. They chose a traditional rice dish, braised pork mince on rice, to go with a local popular side dish, tofu noodles salad and a spice dish, kung pao chicken. Most specially they handmade our district delight, the famous Tamsui fish ball. You can taste the flavor of the fish paste and our favorite pork mince, with the al dente texture, just in one bite.

They share the same passion for cookery. That passion also brings them together, they met each other in a cooking lesson and bonded since then. It is enjoyable to hear their life stories, especially as they both have very interesting jobs. One being a flight attendant and the other a traditional Chinese medicine professional cook who is also a cooking studio owner.

We thank them for showing such enthusiasm about our cuisine and generosity to share such a wonderful time and food ideas with us. Homemade miso recipe and miso flavored braised pork mince are definitely on our have to try list.

#japanese #fishball

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