The Flavor of Heritage

We recently hosted a student from the United States. He was born in Taiwan, but moved to the U.S. when he was a baby and has since become a school teacher. Recently he brought his two children back to Taiwan for summer school activities.

As his wife works longer hours during the day than he does and he is the main chef in the house, he decided it is important to take our cooking courses to improve his confidence and overall cooking skills when in the kitchen. He participated in two days of cooking classes and chose dishes based on his family’s likes and preferences. Apart from wanting to improve his cooking skills for the benefit of his family’s taste buds, he also chose dishes that helped him to link more to his Taiwanese heritage. He also chose dishes that reminded him of his grandparents and the meals they prepared for him as a young child. He thanked us for increasing his confidence in cooking so that he could feel free and relaxed in the kitchen going forward. We sincerely hope that his family will like the flavor from Taiwan and that they can feel the love that he passes on to them through creating tasty and home cooked meals for them.


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